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Conference Center Open HouseĀ 1-4 PM today at Springlake Campus.

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Construction Trades

Create, manage and build construction projects from idea to completion. Operate heavy equipment and professional power tools for demolition and construction. Complete framing, roofing, plumbing, electrical repair and cabinet-making projects.

Aerospace Electronics

Create, build and troubleshoot electronic, analog, digital, computer and industrial control components. Operate, measure and calibrate a wide range of components using specialized test equipment. Analyze, troubleshoot and maintain instrumentation and control systems used in communications, satellite GPS and aeronautics.

Auto Body Repair

Repair and refinish vehicle surfaces using modern welding, sanding, masking, painting and creative airbrushing techniques. Assess, estimate, repair and restore a wide range of vehicles. Operate the same advanced equipment as auto body professionals.

Auto Service

Work on today's cars and trucks in a rapidly changing industry using a full systems approach. Troubleshoot alongside an ASE Master Technician to maintain, repair and fine tune a wide range of vehicles. Use advanced diagnostic equipment in a modern facility.

Biomedical Sciences Academy

Design, conduct, and analyze a wide range of scientific experiments to solve medical mysteries. Collect evidence from crime scenes and perform DNA fingerprinting, genetic transformations and protein analysis. Perform animal dissections of the heart, eyes, kidneys and brains.

Business Office Administration

Be a key part of the ongoing success of a business. Perform office management responsibilities in a corporate environment. Use advanced office software applications and techniques. Experience courtrooms, law offices, law libraries and mock trials using the U.S. judicial process. Develop a foundation in criminal, family and civil law. Work in an office environment using software applications and processes used by attorneys and paralegals.

Computer Science Academy

Design software for controlling machines and artificial intelligence. Create computer coding to build apps on smart devices. Configure algorithms to solve problems in everyday life.

Culinary Arts

Cook alongside professionals to create and present delicious gourmet masterpieces. Express creativity as part of a team to design and prepare meals in a full service café or for catered events.

Digital Cinema

Produce and edit television programs and films, while collaborating with directors and producers in the film industry. Express your unique artistic vision by producing vibrant website designs and interactive media. Expand your creativity through aerial cinematography, animation and green-screen studio technology.


Operate an onsite coffee shop. Create a business plan to market and sell to the community. Use advanced market research to develop robust advertising, sales and management plans.

Firefighter Services

Operate fire equipment in simulated exercises, while experiencing live fires in a contained setting. Work alongside firefighters, receive bunker gear, and interact in fire stations. Practice as a first responder to emergency situations, such as auto extractions.

Graphic Design

Explore the creative concepts, cutting-edge design programs and art trends of the modern world. Create illustrations, animations, logos, posters, photography and traditional art for dynamic visual communications. Express your unique artistic vision to achieve vibrant website designs and eye-catching print media.

Medical Assisting

Be a driving force on a professional healthcare team delivering high-quality patient care. Perform medical office operations, deliver vital care services including blood draws and injections and assist in minor surgeries. Experience the satisfaction of managing a medical clinic that offers wellness screening services to the community.

Medical Office Technology

Interact with patients, clients and healthcare professionals using industry-specific terminology. Combine business applications and advanced technology in computing insurance, coding and billing. Work in an office environment using software applications and processes used by business and medical professionals.

Nursing Basics

Experience the satisfaction of helping others while providing compassionate patient care. Use advanced medical equipment, technology and techniques in a simulated hospital unit. Work alongside medical professionals in a clinical health facility.

Practical Nursing

Care for patients with compassion and skill in a variety of settings as a key part of the professional healthcare team. Experience caregiving in high-energy trauma, critical care and pediatric environments. Use therapeutic communication and critical thinking skills to improve patients' experience and overall health.


Explore, experience and create innovative projects in the diverse fields of engineering. Work individually and in teams to solve unique engineering challenges using advanced mathematics, chemistry and physics. Design, build and control humanoid robots for practical applications and engineering competitions.

Radiologic Technology

Use advanced radiographic imaging and techniques to view the complex workings inside the human body. Think on your feet to deliver quality patient care and effective radiation protection. Experience challenging coursework with relevant clinical instruction in a variety of diagnostic settings.

Safety Training

Metro Tech's Economic and Workforce Development team provides solutions for all your business safety needs.

Surgical Technology

Develop a working relationship with surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses as a healthcare professional. Communicate effectively and think critically to provide quality patient care before, during and after surgery. Experience all aspects of the surgical specialties including robotics and minimally invasive surgeries.


Control fire and electricity to design, dismantle and construct a wide range of metal products. Utilize various welding processes to earn essential industry-recognized certifications. Use advanced welding techniques and fabrication equipment to join, cut, bend and manipulate metal.

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Metro Tech Opens Newly Renovated Conference Center and Announced Mosaic Plan for Northeast OKC

OKLAHOMA CITY – Metro Technology Centers’ Springlake Campus has finished initial renovation for its conference center and held a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday afternoon. Oklahoma City community members and elected officials toured the facility and Metro Tech also announced a new mosaic project that will be displayed in the facility titled “The East Side Experience.”

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Weekly Wrap Up - 08/05/2022

Hey Everyone we’re here at the South Bryant Campus where we are making major headway on our construction projects.

In just a few days, we will be welcoming students back for the 2022 FALL SEMESTER!

For now, we have some great news to share with you about our trip to Tulsa for the 55th annual OKACTE Summit Conference!!!

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, David Martin, was awarded the Arch Alexander Award!

Senior Director of Human Resources, Romel Muex, and Health Careers Instructional Coordinator, Jason Lankford, were both recipients of the Outstanding New Professional Award.

Site Director, Karen Upton, was awarded the Teacher of The Year Award for her role in the STEM education division.

Evening Programs Director, Joel Rogers, was awarded the Training and Industry Golden Fork Award! And STEM Biomedical Sciences and Human Body Systems Instructor, Chelsea Herndon-Hance, was a finalist for New Teacher of The Year Award!

Lab Simulation Skills Coordinator, Josie Scott, and Surgical Tech Instructor, Cindy Srite, were recognized for their roles in the OKACTE Fellow class

And Health Careers Instructional Design Specialist, Brittney Waugh, and Aviation Careers Instructional Design Specialist, Christi Risley, were recognized for their roles in the New and Related Services Division.

While day one of OKACTE Summit posed well for Metro Tech success, day two included full-day workshops for individuals across all divisions, and Computer Science Academy Teacher, Tiffani Veal, presented in front of STEM professionals from across the state.

And finally, Metro Technology Centers was recognized as a GOLD STAR School for the 22nd year!

It was a GREAT week for Metro Tech, and a perfect end to an amazing summer.

For the full story, just visit the link attached to this post.

We’ll see you soon! Metro Tech 4 Life!

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Karen Upton receives the OKACTE Teacher of the Year Award and a $10,000 check from Express Employment Professionals, Bob Funk

OKLAHOMA CITY – The 55th Annual Oklahoma Academic CareerTech Education (OKACTE) Summit Conference brought together over 4,000 professionals to provide networking, professional development and recognition to those who have contributed to the success of CareerTech. At this week’s conference in Tulsa, Metro Technology Centers was recognized as a Gold Star School for the 22nd year and several district officials, including the assistant superintendent of instruction, received top honors.

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