2019 Metro Tech Student Community Investment Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Metro Tech need a bond issue?
Just like K12 school districts, state education budget cuts are also impacting CareerTech school districts.  In order to repair and maintain our aging facilities as well as expand our highly desired training programs for industries like Aerospace, Health and Public Safety, we need to construct new buildings and remodel existing ones.

Why do you need to build a new Aerospace Building?
The aerospace industry in Oklahoma is growing and is need of highly qualified employees with experience working in environments which model their facilities, and using the latest technology in the industry.  Moving the Aerospace program from the Will Rogers campus location to South Bryant will allow us quick access to Tinker, Boeing and other industry providers.

Why do you need to Invest in the Public Safety program?
Our public safety program located at the South Bryant campus is growing and is in high demand by many fire and police departments.  Building A renovations will include: a new roof, HVAC/Plumbing and Electrical, Asbestos Abatement and a building remodel.  Not only will Public Safety be housed in Building A, but Cosmetology, Adult and Career Development Training, Administration and Student Services will also be located in the building.

Why do you need to update the Construction Trades facilities?
This aging building located at the South Bryant campus needs a new roof, HVAC/Plumbing and Electrical, Asbestos Abatement and a building remodel. Building B will house: Electrical Trades, Construction Trades and Plumbing.  

Why do you need to update Building D?
Building D will house both full and short term Welding Programs.  The building needs a remodel as well as a new roof.

What other improvements will be made at the South Bryant Campus?
With the bond money, we will improve safety and security and improve our parking lots and driveways.  

Why does Health Services need a new building?
We cannot expand our programs with our current facilities.  In order to meet the growing demands from the Health Services industry, we must build a new building on the Springlake Campus, which will house Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy.  When we build a new building we have the opportunity to maximize our investment and have the building double as a Safe Room.  The Safe Room will hold 1200 people and will be open to the community.

Why does the STEM program need updating?
STEM careers in Oklahoma are on the rise and are in need of highly qualified and trained employees.  Our program requires the latest technology and space in order to simulate a career environment.  This will be a new space within a space: STEM Lab/Maker Space.  Additionally we will prep for Computer Science wing and move HS Health Program to Medical and Dental Assisting Spaces.

What additional improvements will be made to the Springlake Campus?
With our bond funds we will improve sidewalks, parking lots and lighting.  Security and access will be improved at all sites, and IT Cyber Security Infrastructure will also be improved.  Additionally, we will add Vision Care to our Health Careers program offerings.

How much is the student investment plan?
$80 Million Bond which will be spread out over a ten year period.

Will there be a tax increase with the Student Investment Plan?
There will be a small tax increase with the student community investment plan.
–    5.46% for OKC Public School District
–    5.09% for Millwood School District
–    5.02% for Crooked Oak Public School District
Depending on which sending school district you live in and the value of your home, will determine the cost of the increase.  Below is an approximation only on four different home values.  


–    Projected Tax Increase – $  75,000 Home = $   3.73 per month
–    Projected Tax Increase – $100,000 Home =  $  5.14 per month
–    Projected Tax Increase – $200,000 Home =  $10.79 per month
–    Projected Tax Increase – $300,000 Home =  $16.44 per month

When do we vote on the Student Investment Plan?
Voting takes place on Tuesday, March 5th from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at your regular polling locations.

How much does the bond issue need to pass?
Career Tech school districts require 50% for the bond issue to pass.

What happens if the bond issue does not pass?
Sadly we would not be able to expand our desired programs and services and we would not be able to update some of our existing programs.  We would have to continue to stretch our building funds to continue putting band-aids on problems that will only continue to grow and become more costly in the long run.  



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