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Under state law, some individuals can assure the confidentiality of the victim. This includes counselors, health care providers, spiritual/religious counselors, and certified victims' advocates. In general, however, Metro Tech employees cannot guarantee complete confidentiality, unless specifically provided by state law. Metro Tech must balance the needs of the individual victim with its obligation to protect the safety and well-being of the community at large.

Both students and non students can file a complaint against a Metro Tech student or employee that alleges a violation of Metro Tech's Code of Conduct has occurred. These complaints are filed through Title IX Coordinator. Violations of Metro Tech's Code of Conduct include sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and stalking. The Code of Conduct provides for sanctions up to and including dismissal of a student in cases where violations have occurred.

Additionally, Student Conduct can issue a "No Contact Order" between parties. This prohibits any contact between the victim and the accused for a specific period of time. Students are able to gain accommodations without filing a formal complaint.