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Interim Safety Measures

Metro Tech's priority is to make victims feel safe in their environment. Many times, students may need support in various aspects of their lives after a traumatic experience. Our Compliance Team and the Title IX Coordinator can put in place interim measures for student victims of sexual harassment and sexual violence as needed. A formal complaint does not need to be submitted to have interim measures put in place; students should simply reach out to a member of the Compliance Team or the Title IX coordinator in order to receive assistance. During the process of instating any interim measures, Metro Tech will maintain confidentiality to the fullest extent possible. Read below to learn more about possible interim measures you may be able to obtain.

  • Assistance in Reporting: Compliance Officers can assist in filing a complaint with the Title IX Coordinator or Human Resource Office against the student(s) who caused harm.

  • No Contact Order: Title IX Coordinator along with safety officials can put in place a No Contact Order between the complainant and the respondent, which would prohibit contact between both parties through any means of communication, as well as prohibit others from making contact on their behalf.
  • Emergency Protective Order: The Title IX Coordinator can assist victims in filing for an Emergency Protective Order with the OKCPD. A court-ordered petition that prohibits contact between the complainant and respondent will then be filed.
  • Safety Measures: Metro Tech's safety team can coordinate any reasonable arrangements that are necessary for ongoing safety. This includes transportation arrangements or providing an escort.
  • Academic Arrangements: The Title IX Coordinator will work with your Metro Tech Site administrators to assist in adjusting academic schedules as well as assist in providing access to academic support services.

If you need or would like to learn more about potential interim safety measures, stop by the Title IX Coordinator's office in the Business Conference Center, office B7, call 405-595-4418, or email