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Next Step Scholarship

Tuition-Free Scholarship for High School Seniors

How Does it work?

If you are entering your senior year, you still have an opportunity to receive career training at Metro Technology Centers. Start the career technology program as a senior, then complete it after graduation, tuition-free.

When you graduate from high school, you will be given a tuition-waiver to complete your occupational training for up to 600 additional hours of tuition-free training. As an adult student, you may participate in the class for half-days (3 hours a day) for one school year, or full-days (6 hours a day) for one semester. You can finish sooner. Since we are competency-based, you also have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and move on a fast-track to employment.

Are there any requirements?

Yes. To receive the tuition-free scholarship, you must:

  1. Meet Metro Technology Centers district attendance requirements
  2. Have a "C" average during your senior year in high school
  3. Have a letter of recommendation from your teacher

How do I enroll?

  • Decide on the program you want to enter based on your career interests.
  • Visit with the Metro Technology Centers Career Advisor assigned to your high school and let them know of your desire to enroll.
  • Fill out an enrollment form.
  • Check the box on the enrollment form that tells us you are interested in the special "For Seniors Only" program, or call (405)595-4678.