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School Bus

Metro Tech provides free bus service for students who live in the Oklahoma City and Crooked Oak School Districts. For all students to benefit from this service, everyone who rides the bus should abide by the following guidelines:

  • Arrive five minutes before the scheduled arrival time of the bus in case of a time difference. Every transportation employee operates by the time reported on the time and temperature number, 405-599-1234.
  • Observe all rules published on the bus by the Metro Tech Transportation Department.
  • All Metro Tech buses are equipped with video and audio recording devices.
  • The Metro Tech Transportation Department has a three-day drop policy. Students who do not ride the bus for 3 days in a row will be dropped from the route unless they call to say that they are not riding for a period of time. In the event that you are dropped from your route, you will need to contact the Metro Tech Transportation Department at 405-595-4856 or 405-595-4844, in order to start riding the bus again.
  • Student transportation cannot be provided outside of the Metro Tech School District.
  • Metro Tech reserves the right to suspend or revoke the privilege of anyone receiving bus transportation in the event that the student should choose to disregard the bus rider rules.

For transportation questions or concerns, call the Fleet and Transportation Director at 405-595-4856 or 405-595-4844.