Affirmation of a Student Focused Mission

Affirmation statement

Metro Technology Centers guarantees our students the opportunity to grow in their career and technical training without prejudice or discrimination. We stand for the principles of inclusion, equity, diversity, access, and education. We are customer-focused, learning-centered, accountable and ethical. We will remain nurturing, sensitive, and supportive to all as a quality, career training, educational institution.

Our institution stands steadfast in our responsibility to foster a safe and inclusive educational environment, where every student, teacher, support professional, parent, and community member is treated with dignity and respect.

It is our commitment to support the social and emotional needs of our students, faculty, and staff, so that we can, with great empathy, understand the challenges and pain caused by discrimination and intolerance.

We must continue to engage our community in meaningful and honest conversations about racial inequality, to build alliances with those committed to justice for all, and to work together to support global tolerance.

Metro Technology Centers will be a center of excellence in our community and a beacon of light for the world, as we build and strengthen trust with those we serve. We model the acceptance of all people and will continue to lead and create a nurturing, learning environment, where every student is respected and valued for who they are and who they want to be.

We are determined to make our community a socially, emotionally, and physically healthier place. We welcome open inquiry and inclusion of all voices as our focus is to remain a quality, career training, educational institution.

January 2021