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Course Outline | iLife 101 - Intro to iLife '11


This two-day, hands-on course introduces students to the features and interface of iLife '11. iLife '11 is a suite of digital authoring tools that comes with every Mac: iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand '11, iDVD, and iWeb. You will learn to create media-rich digital projects, and share them online with a few clicks. Featuring footage and images from around the world, the focused lessons cover organizing and sharing your photo library to creating polished video and soundtracks. Along the way, you will produce photo albums, movies, and music.

Who Should Attend

This class is designed for educators, students, professionals, and others who prefers hands-on and interactive instruction to best explore the functionality of the iLife '11 applications. Please note that this course does not cover all lessons and exercises in the book - iDVD and iWeb are not covered. However, students are free to continue the lessons on their own as all the files needed to complete the exercises are included on the DVD that accompanies the book. This course does cover all lessons required to prepare for the Apple Certified Associate, iLife '11 exam. Students who want a class that covers the entire iLife suite may prefer to take the three-day iLife 201 course.

What You Will Learn

  • Organize and edit images in iPhoto
  • Edit and share movies with iMovie
  • Turn your photos into cards, picture books, calendars, or a web gallery
  • Add motion and music to a slideshow, then publish it online
  • Create a video with polished transitions, music, and effects
  • Build a soundtrack in GarageBand '11, and learn to score a simple movie


Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending the course:

  • Basic knowledge of the Macintosh OS

Course Outline - Day 1

Importing and Organizing Photos

  • Connecting a Camera
  • Importing Photos and Video
  • Importing from Applications
  • Viewing Event Key Photos
  • Skimming Events
  • Navigating the Viewing Area
  • Viewing the iPhoto Library
  • Organizing Events
  • Choosing Event Titles
  • Adding Descriptions
  • Splitting, Merging and Reordering Events
  • Moving Photos between Events
  • Identifying Photos with Faces or Places
  • Creating a Place

Reviewing and Improving Photos

  • Comparing and Rating Photos
  • Assigning Keywords
  • Searching the iPhoto Library
  • Hiding and Discarding Pictures
  • Fixing Photos
  • Cropping
  • Straightening and Rotating
  • Enhancing a Photo
  • Repairing Red-Eye
  • Retouching
  • Adjusting Photo Levels
  • Adjusting Sharpness and Noise
  • Using Effects

Sharing your Pictures

  • Creating an Album
  • Arranging Photos
  • Creating Empty Albums
  • Creating a Smart Album
  • Using Photos as a Screen Saver
  • Sharing Photos on a Network
  • Emailing Photos
  • Syncing Photos to an Apple Device
  • Creating, Customizing and Exporting a Slideshow
  • Sharing Photos in a MobileMe Gallery, with Flickr and Facebook
  • Sharing Facebook Tags with Faces

Course Outline – Day 2

Shooting and Importing Video

  • Importing Movie Files
  • Getting Footage from iPhoto
  • Capturing from iSight
  • Adding Keywords
  • Filtering Events

Advanced Editing Techniques

  • Editing Tips
  • Avoid Redundancy
  • Cut on Action
  • Improving an Edit
  • Adding Video from iPhoto
  • Inserting a New Clip
  • Adding a Cutaway
  • Creating a Picture-in-Picture Effect
  • Replacing a Shot
  • Using the Clip Trimmer
  • Fine-tuning an Edit

Creating Visual Effects

  • Creating a Polished Opening
  • Adding a Still Image from iPhoto
  • Adding a Title
  • Applying Video Effects
  • Adding a Single-Point Map
  • Playing a Clip Backwards
  • Changing Clip Speed
  • Creating a Freeze Frame
  • Adding Transitions
  • Color Correction
  • Stabilizing Clips
  • Using Green-Screen Shots

Working with Audio

  • Adjusting Audio Levels
  • Adding Sound
  • Adding Background Music
  • Adding Sound Effects to a Clip
  • Adding a Voiceover
  • Mixing Levels

Publishing your Photos

  • Printing
  • Customizing a Printed Photo
  • Ordering Prints
  • Assembling a Photo Book
  • Laying Out a Book
  • Customizing a Map in a Book
  • Making a Greeting Card
  • Backing Up and Restoring Photos with Time Machine

Creating your First iMovie

  • Opening iMovie
  • Managing Events
  • Rejecting Footage
  • Marking Favorites
  • Building a Project
  • Adding, Rearranging and Adjusting Clips
  • Precision Editing
  • Finishing a Movie
  • Improving Color
  • Adding Transitions
  • Adding Audio
  • Using Themes
  • Customizing a Theme
  • Modifying Titles
  • Adding a Map

Sharing and Publishing a Movie

  • Playing a Movie Full Screen
  • Switching between Projects and Events
  • Sharing to iTunes
  • Sharing to YouTube
  • Sharing to a MobileMe Gallery
  • Sharing to the Media Browser
  • Making Changes after Publishing
  • Adding Chapter Markers
  • Exporting a QuickTime Movie

Learning to Play Music with GarageBand '11

  • Opening GarageBand '11
  • Connecting Musical Instruments and a MIDI Instrument to your computer
  • Learning to Play Guitar or Piano
  • Exploring the Interface
  • Navigating Between Lesson Sections
  • Customizing the Lesson Workspace
  • Changing a Lesson Mix
  • Taking an Artist Lesson

Jamming with a Virtual Band

  • Selecting a Musical Genre
  • Navigating and Controlling Playback
  • Auditioning Virtual Musicians
  • Mixing Instruments in Magic GarageBand '11
  • Setting Up and Adding an Instrument
  • Recording a Part
  • Saving a Song in GarageBand '11
  • Sharing Projects
  • Sharing with iLife Applications
  • Exporting Projects to iTunes
  • Sending a Song to iTunes

Creating an iPhone Ringtone

  • Opening a Ringtone Template
  • Recording a New Software Instrument Part
  • Playing the Onscreen Music Keyboard
  • Sending a Ringtone to iTunes
  • Exploring a Voice Ringtone
  • Editing a Real Instrument Voice Track
  • Editing Regions in the Editor
  • Merging Real Instrument Regions

Certification Exam

  • Students take a one hour exam to earn Apple Certified Associate, iLife '11 status