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Corporate and Group Training

The Downtown Campus offers a variety of computer training on a complete line of Microsoft products for employees at all levels of expertise, from intro to advanced. Scheduling private sessions, when it's convenient for your organization, lowers your per-person training cost. Plus, we provide all the necessary equipment.

Training your team all at once also ensures consistency and enables collaboration and communication. This learning experience is invaluable and stretches far beyond your time in the classroom. Your team will be prepared to use their new skills right away.

You set the date. Bring your entire staff in groups of 10 and enjoy a different training environment than you've ever experienced before. With lots of one-on -one instructor interaction, all classes are a full day and include lunch.

On-site training at your location is another flexible solution the Downtown Campus can tailor to meet your specific business needs. This option is beneficial for deploying a company-wide training initiative.

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Microsoft for Executives

If you have executives, leaders or managers who need to polish their skills using specific Microsoft software, please explore our popular Microsoft for Executives program. Sessions increase your competitive advantage by taking a deeper into the latest tools and functions that apply to your work environment, while the classroom structure enables candid participation about any learning areas with room for growth. You can either register for a regularly scheduled class, set your own time for an individual session, or enroll a group of up to 10 people.

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Crash Courses

Many business professionals have used Microsoft Office for years, but would really like to learn specific Office skills, such as Excel functions, databases and dashboards; PowerPoint beyond bullet points; persuasive communications with Word; and collaboration using OneNote. We've rounded up these "most asked for" topics for a series of intense, three-hour mini-courses we call Crash Courses.

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MS Applications

Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access is much more than a way to create desktop databases. It's an easy-to-use tool that can help you organize large amounts of data and drive business strategies.
Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel is not your same old spreadsheet anymore. Use it to manage and analyze large data banks, run complex reports and enhance your presentations with data evaluations that speak eloquently to your audience.
Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook is your personal information manager. Use it to organize your email, calendar and contacts, or develop complex project planning material.
Microsoft Excel’s Power Pivot
Microsoft Excel's Power Pivot powers your data analysis. Data is being collected all the time and for increasingly detailed transactions. This can lead to an overwhelming amount of data, which brings about a need for people who can analyze large amounts of data quickly. Excel provides Power Pivot to help you organize, manipulate and report on your data in the best way possible.
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook that lets you capture, store and share your notes in the Cloud, where you can access them from any of your devices - phone, tablet or computer.
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft PowerPoint elevates your presentations beyond death by bullet points. Produce full-motion video, web pages and presentations that will leave your audiences eager for more.
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Project helps you organize all the components of a project, create timelines and manage budgets - from software development to special events and marketing campaigns.
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Publisher lets you arrange photos, text and graphic effects into digital and printed materials - everything from brochures to digital ads. Publisher makes it better.
Microsoft Visio
Microsoft Visio makes it easy and intuitive to create flowcharts, network diagrams, org charts, floor plans and engineering designs.
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word redefined the way we all do business - from the simplest memo to the most complex documents. The chances are you know enough to get by, but not enough to soar. DBC classes help you polish your skills and get everyone on the same page to give your organization a consistent, professional look.