Child Development
  • Experience the joy of creating fun and amazing activities for preschoolers
  • Plan festivals, community events and other special projects for young children
  • Interact in a state-approved child care center that delivers hands-on learning activities

Career Focus:
Prepared for immediate employment, advanced certifications and further education.


Full-time Career Majors

Career Major Title Who can enroll Tuition (in-state) Days Clock Hours Site
Early Care and Education Director Adult, High School $3,250.00 M-F 1300 CCC
Early Care and Education Master Teacher Adult, High School $2,625.00 M-F 1050 CCC
Early Care and Education Teacher Assistant Adult, High School $1,312.50 M-F 525 CCC
Paraprofessional Teacher Assistant / Child Development Associate Adult $1,500.00 M-F 600 CCC


Emily Thornburg

Teacher - Emily Thornburg


  • BS - Family & Consumer Sciences Education - University of Central Oklahoma


  • Career Tech Family and Consumer Sciences

Work Experience:

  • Capitol Hill High School - Teacher - Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Began teaching at Metro Technology Centers in 2014