Short-term courses offered at Metro Tech
Posted on 04/05/2016
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What are some short-term courses offered at Metro Tech that can get people back into the workforce?

One of the popular programs right now is Low-Pressure Boiler Operations. It's a 12- week introductory course to boiler operations.

What are the job duties of a boiler operator?

Most large buildings and manufacturing plants have boilers that are used for heating. Boilers can also be found at power companies to generate energy. Boiler operators consistently check boilers as they cannot be left unattended. A boiler can explode and level a large building, so best practice is for companies to have them attended 24 hours per day.

Once the introductory course is complete, is it easy to get hired as a boiler operator?

Eventually the State of Oklahoma will make it mandatory to go through a boiler operations course and obtain a license. Many companies already require a license, so it's a useful course to have. A background in maintenance works great with a boiler operator education because often times companies will hire someone who can perform both jobs.

What is the average pay for a boiler operator in Oklahoma?

The average starting pay is $19/hour, and some operators make as much as $62,000 per year.

What is the cost of the course?

$310 plus the cost of books.

When and where are classes held?

Classes take place at Metro Tech's South Bryant Campus located at 4901 S. Bryant in Oklahoma City; and class is offered Monday and Wednesday from 6 - 9 p.m.

How does someone enroll?

Metro Tech is the only school that offers this course.You can enroll by calling (405) 424-TECH and one of our customer service representatives will provide all the help you need!

John Drake

John Drake teaches the Boiler Operations course at Metro Tech. Mr. Drake has worked in construction since he was16-years old, and he is a licensed HVAC and electrical contractor in two states. A former marine with a strong mechanical background, he works as a trainer for the US Postal Service, where he has taken over 150 courses related to mechanical and building trades.

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