Become more competitive.

Improve processes.

Eliminate waste.

Improve your bottom line.

Businesses increasingly face tough competition, and the stakes couldn't be higher.
Lean programs establish systematic programs to eliminating waste and improving
work flow throughout the company. Now, the DBC offers a unique opportunity for
Oklahoma companies to send future lean champions to a top quality training
program with hands-on training in all the lean tools. No need to someone out of
state or to be restricted to practicing lean tools in a non-realistic lab setting.

Can your company benefit from Lean? Here are the Eight Deadly Wastes.
Do any of them apply to your business?

  • Overproduction - Making what is unnecessary, when it is unnecessary;
    and in unnecessary amounts.
  • Inventory - Goods retained for any length of time, inside or outside the factory.
  • Transportation - Any transfer of materials, parts, assembly parts or finished
    goods, from one place to another for any reason.
  • Defects - The defects themselves, as well as costs of inspecting for defects,
    responding to customer complaints and making repairs.
  • Processing Waste - Operations and processes that may not be necessary.
  • Motion Waste - Movement that is not really needed to perform an operation.
  • Waiting - Ideal time: human and/or machine waiting.
  • Under-Utilized People - Not using the creative and problem-solving ability
    of people.

Courses include

Lean Toolbox

  • Lean 101 with Live Simulation
  • ISI Basic Lean with Live Simulation
  • Lean Office with Live Simulation
  • Strategic Deployment
  • Value-Added Mapping for Administrative Processes
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • 5S for the Office
  • Training Within Industry
  • Toyota Kata

Management Training

  • Lean Green Belt
  • Change Management for Learn Leaders
  • Front Line Leadership Skills for the Lean Enterprise
  • Measurable Management


  • 6-Sigma White Belt
  • 6-Sigma Green Belt
  • 6-Sigma Black Belt