Apple and Adobe Authorized Training Center

The DBC is the home of Oklahoma’s only Apple and Adobe Authorized Training Center. Professionals from across the country come to Oklahoma City to learn how to improve their skills in audio and video production, graphic design, web development and Apple IT management and hardware repair.

Instructors are certified by Apple or Adobe and must meet ongoing recertification requirements. All classes utilize the most current certified curriculum.


Student Testimonial

Daniel Boydston is an entrepreneur from Duncansville, Pa. After serving in the military and as a civilian contractor with the Special Operations Command in Afghanistan, he returned home in 2014 with plans to use his computer training to start his own IT consulting business. His first client was an executive coaching and training firm operating on an outdated Apple server.

“Apple had just released the Yosemite operating system, which put this company four versions behind. I knew they needed a new server, and I knew I couldn’t undertake the upgrade without some significant training,” Boydston said. “I looked for training in New York and Washington, D.C., but no one was training on the new ios, except the AATC at the MetroTech Downtown Business Campus in Oklahoma City.

“I certainly was not looking for training in Oklahoma City, but if I ever need more training, I will go out of my way to take it at the DBC. The facilities are great, the training is well planned and flawlessly executed, and the instructors are knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. Everyone went above and beyond, and every detail was taken care of for me – even down to the parking.

“Two days after I got home, I installed a new Apple server, migrating the email server and all the client’s data. We were only down three and a half hours, with no loss of data,” he added. Boydston is now a member of the Apple Consultant Network.

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