Business Office Assistant

  • Be a key part of the ongoing success of a business
  • Perform office management responsibilities in a corporate environment
  • Use advanced office software applications and techniques

Legal Office Assistant

  • Experience courtrooms, law offices, law libraries and mock trials using the U.S. judicial process
  • Develop a foundation in criminal, family and civil law
  • Work in an office environment using software applications and processes used by attorneys and paralegals

Career Focus:
Prepared for immediate employment and further education

Full-time Career Majors

Career Major Title Who can enroll Tuition (in-state) Days Clock Hours Site
Business Office Assistant Adult, High School $2,625.00 M-F 1050 ITC
Legal Office Assistant Adult, High School $2,625.00 M-F 1050 ITC

Brenda Anderson


Teacher - Brenda Anderson


  • Master's degree in Administrative Leadership from OU
  • Principal Certification from ECU
  • Minor in Psychology
  • Mastery of Business Fundamentals


  • Teaching Certificate Career Tech Business
  • Certified Court Mediator for the State of Oklahoma
  • Certified MOS Office Specialist
  • Google Certified Educator

Work Experience:

  • Former paralegal
  • Began teaching at Metro Technology Centers in 2008
  • COALA member