Tuition costs for career majors are listed on the description pages of each career major. See the Career Major page for the specific costs of tuition, books and supplies for the major you are interested in.

National, State or Industry Certification and/or Licensure fees are additional costs unless noted.

Tuition, books and supply costs are subject to change to facilitate the instructional process.

Metro Technology Centers believes in the worth of all individuals and is committed to equal opportunity for each employee, student or any person visiting a District campus. Metro Technology Centers does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex/gender, age, marital or veteran status, religion, pregnancy, or genetic information or disability in recruitment, hiring, placement, assignment to work tasks, hours of employment, levels of responsibility, and pay.

Secondary students who live outside the Metro Technology Centers district and who are not covered by our reciprocity agreement may be subject to out-of-district tuition.

Full-Time Students' Tuition Refund Policy

Full-time students who desire to withdraw from or drop a career major must request a tuition refund in writing and provide proof of withdrawal to the Bursar in the Business Conference Center, 1900 Springlake Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73111. No tuition refund will be given for completed career majors.

If a student drops a career major before completion, tuition refunds will apply as follows:

  • No refunds will be given for books, supplies, fees, or any other non-tuition costs.
  • If a full-time student's tuition is paid through financial aid or agency assistance, refunds will be handled according to the rules and policies of the tuition source.
  • A full tuition refund will be given to students who withdraw within the first five (5) days of class.
  • After the first five (5) days of class, a tuition refund will be given based on the percentage of the scheduled career major hours the student has completed. Absences, infractions, and hours in attendance will be calculated into the completion percentage.
  • Non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal from a career major.

Full-time students will be entitled to the following refunds:

Tuition Refunds

If student has:

Refund will be:

Withdrawn from career major within the first 5 consecutive scheduled class days


Completed from 6 days up to 25% of scheduled hours for career major


Completed between 25% and 50% of scheduled hours for career major


Completed between 50% and 75% of scheduled hours for career major


Completed 75% or more of scheduled hours for career major