Metro Technology Centers believes in the worth of all individuals and is committed to equal opportunity for employees, students and any person visiting a District campus. All members of the Metro Technology Centers community are expected to treat other community members with civility and respect. To this end, Metro Technology Centers has developed policies to ensure the rights of students are protected:

BP-5026 Student Complaints of Discrimination, Harassment and/or Retaliation
BP-5029 Student Bullying
BP-2031 Equal Opportunity/Diversity/Civility/Non-Discrimination
BP-5020 Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, Intimidation and/or Threatening Behavior

The above-referenced policies and procedures as well as other Metro Technology Centers policies are made available via the following:

  1. The Metro Technology Centers Student Handbook
  2. The Metro Technology Centers Board-Policies
  3. eLearn - Accessible by all Metro Technology Centers Students

Inquiries concerning this notification may be addressed to Metro Technology Centers School District #22, 1900 Springlake Drive, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73111.

Individuals may contact the following person/s to deliver verbal or in person copies of Metro Technology Centers Official Complaint Form, linked below, to the following individuals:

Official Complaint Form

Gerald Scott
Title IX Coordinator
(405) 595-4786

Romel Muex
Director, Human Resources
(405) 595-4483