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For COVID related questions, please see our COVID Updates and Guidelines page.

If your COVID questions are not answered there you can contact us directly by calling 405-595-4000 or emailing [email protected].


Financial Aid

Questions regarding financial aid can be found on the Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions blog page.


Special Education Services

Section 504 / Special Education Service questions should be answered on the FAQ page for Special Education Services.

If you still have questions relating to Metro Technology Centers' Special Education Services, after browsing the FAQ page and the home SES page, please email [email protected].


Veteran Services

For VA related questions see Veterans Educational Benefits & Resources.


Graduation Ceremony

Information about graduation can be found on the Graduation Ceremony page as well as the relevant FAQ.


Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions that have not been answered, please contact us with on of the following forms, or call us directly at: 405-424-TECH(8324)