Biomedical Sciences Academy - Program Overview - FAQ

Is this free?
Yes!  There is no charge for tuition nor books. However, there are fees associated with participating in Health Occupations Student Organization (HOSA), AP testing, field trips, school supplies, etc.

Is there transportation?
Metro Technology Centers provided free bussing, but students are always welcome to use their own transportation if desired.

Is it all day?
No.  BMSA is only half a day and morning or afternoon sessions are available.  BMSA follows the Oklahoma City Public School Calendar.

Is lunch provided?
No. Students should eat lunch at their sending school.  However, you are welcome to bring lunch or snacks with you.

Is there a certification associated with BMSA?
No.  This is not a program that has a direct link to any certifications.  It is a collage preparatory program.

Is college credit available?
The four Project Lead The Way courses have available credit through Missouri Science and Technology.  You may also obtain college credit by making at least a 3 on any of the AP exams.


Revised 5/10/2013