Nurse Refresher Course

Nurse Refresher Course

nurse refresher
  • CPR/BLS *Immunizations: 2-MMR, 2-Varicella or titers. 1 TDap within the last ten years, 2 negative TB skin test *Hepatitis B or waiver *Flu shot (in season) *Group One background check *License or proof of completion of nursing program *If LPN, proof of IV therapy training *Physical exam (MT form) *OSBI *Drug Screen. All permanent residents must submit evidence of their permanent resident card. You will not have to submit all of these at once but they will need to be turned in prior to clinical
Tuition and Fees
Tuition (One-time Payment)
$ 1,900.00
$ 0.00
Entrance Requirements
Who Can Enroll
, Adult
  • Virtual Simulation Clinical (optional) $ 100.00

The Nurse Refresher course is designed for prior nursing students who completed a nursing program but did not take their NCLEX exam within the allotted time.  It is also for nurses who may have left the nursing profession for an extended period of time and their license expired.

There are two components to the course: 1.)  Theory: We have partnered with OU Health Sciences, School of Nursing. This is a self-paced online training which can be completed in 4 months.  2.)  Lab Skills and Clinical:  These can be completed at a minimum within 42 hours. The lab skills will account for 8 hours and the remaining hours will be completed at the clinical site.

We do offer an alternative to the clinical site; if a student cannot commit to performing their clinical duties at a clinical site due to work schedule conflicts or travel conflicts, they may be able to complete the clinical virtually.  The student is required to pay an additional $100 for the virtual clinical.  Additional information will be provided upon request.  If you have any questions please call enrollment at 405-595-4678 or you can contact Jay Decoteau at 405-595-4770 or Claudia Gardner at 405-595-4605.  Classes are open enrollment.