Esthetician-High School Career Major - Overview

Esthetician-High School

Esthetician-High School
Career Major Length
600 hours
Who Can Enroll
Juniors & Seniors
M-F 7:25 -10:25A &/or 11:25A-2:25P
In-State Tuition:
Out-of-State Tuition:
Book Costs:
Exam Fees:
Supplies Costs:
Average Oklahoma Salary
$10/hr plus gratuity

This major prepares students to become licensed estheticians who provide skin care, make-up and non-permanent hair removal services to customers. Students receive classroom instruction on functions of the skin and skin structures, disorders, and diseases along with hands-on training in cleansing and massage, makeup application, and facial treatments. Included are cosmetology laws, rules and regulations, and salon development. To obtain state licensing, students must complete 600 hours of instruction and pass the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology written and practical exams. High school students may spend additional hours in training beyond the school year to meet state licensing requirements and for major completion within one year.

Career Major Length
600.00Total Hours
Course Title
Introduction to Esthetician Technology
Facial Sciences: Histology, Dermatology & Physiology of the Skin
Non-Permanent Hair Removal
Cosmetology Laws, Rules & Regulations
Salon Development-Esthetician

Helpful Attributes and Abilities

  • Reading and math skills at the 8th grade level or above
  • Good communication skills
  • Good eye-hand coordination & finger dexterity
  • Ability to relate to people in a caring empathetic manner
  • Ability to endure standing or sitting for long periods of time

Required Prerequisites

  • Minimum of an 8th grade education and 16 years of age with documentation of student’s date of birth
  • English proficiency test for those who speak English as a second language(Adult)
  • Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology registration; $5.00 fee required
  • An employment authorization card or a social security number is required for this program due to licensure requirements.

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