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2023 Metro Tech Foundation Scholarship Recipients

2023 Metro Tech Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Metro Tech Foundation Announces Scholarship Recipients

Eight Metro Technology Center students have been selected as recipients of the Foundation’s Sowing the Seeds of Success Scholarships. The students will be recognized at the 13th annual banquet on Friday, April 7th at 6:30 p.m. at the Oklahoma History Center, at 800 Nazih Zuhdi Dr, Oklahoma City.

Scholarships and recipients are:

  • $1,000 Dye Family Scholarships - Benjamin Burkhart, Aviation Maintenance Student, and Estefania Benites Contreras, Pre-Nursing Student and Senior at Northwest Classen
  • $2,000 Dr. James Branscum “Character First” Scholarship - Daniel Park, Biomedical Sciences Student and Senior at Southeast High School
  • $1,000 “#belikekeith” Memorial Scholarship - Anne Daniel, Biomedical Sciences Student, and Senior at Harding Charter Prep
  • $1,000 Dr. Dennis L. Portis, III Memorial Scholarships - Elijah Jones, Computer Science home school Student, and Karla Vega, Biomedical Science Student, and Senior at ASTEC Charter School,
  • $1,000 Dr. Donna Neal Thomas Scholarship – Katherine McKeighan, Radiologic Technology Student,
  • $1,000 Mark Vincent Memorial Scholarship – Achariya Nash, Biomedical Science Student, and Senior at Harding Charter Prep

Biomedical Sciences Student, Estefania Benites Contreras, and Aviation Maintenance Student, Benjamin Burkhart, are recipients of the $1,000 Dye Family Scholarships. These scholarships are awarded in honor of Mike Dye, an individual who “worked his way to the top” by starting his career in the transportation industry as a parts delivery person and years later became the owner of two trailer dealerships.

As a student enrolled at the Metro Tech Aviation Center, Burkhart is striving to do just that. He is working on his certifications in Aviation Maintenance, and ultimately would like to become an aircraft pilot.

“There’s a big need for pilots who fly to distant countries for mission work,” Burkhart said. “I’m going to use the scholarship to further my education so I can help make a difference for individuals everywhere who might need food, medical or emergency supplies.”

The recipient of the $2,000 Dr. James Branscum “Character First” Scholarship is Biomedical Sciences Student, Daniel Park. This scholarship is awarded in honor of former Metro Tech Superintendent, Dr. James Branscum.

The $1,000 “#belikekeith” Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to Biomedical Sciences Student, Anne Daniel. This is the first year for the scholarship to be introduced to the banquet and is awarded in memory of the late Foundation board member, Keith D. Magill.

Magill, a lawyer, and co-owner of Oklahoma City’s Magill & Magill Law Firm, was a member of the Foundation board for 4 years, and planned to take the role of board president before his unexpected passing in July 2022.

“Keith was passionate about the Foundation’s mission to support students within our district,” Metro Tech Foundation Director, Ashleigh Gibson said. “This scholarship is in recognition of that, and the work he accomplished during his time with the Foundation.”

Computer Science Student, Elijah Jones, and Biomedical Science Student, Karla Vega will be recognized as recipients of the $1,000 Dr. Dennis L. Portis, III Memorial Scholarships awarded in memory of the late Metro Tech Associate Superintendent and former instructor at the STEM Academy.

Adult Student of the Radiologic Technology Program, Katherine McKeighan, is the recipient $1,000 Dr. Donna Neal Thomas Scholarship provided by the Mary Mahoney Memorial Health Center in honor of Dr. Thomas.

The recipient of the $1,000 Mark Vincent Memorial Scholarship, Achariya Nash, is another Biomedical Science student at the STEM Academy.

This scholarship recognizes highly motivated students pursuing continuing education at a career tech, a public college or university and is in honor of former Metro Tech Chief Officer of Institutional Research and U.S. Air Force Veteran, Dr. Vincent.

Gibson says the opportunity to recognize the students hard work is greatly valued by the Foundation.

“Our mission is to support the students of Metro Tech by identifying the financial barriers, securing the funding, and ensuring students have access to the resources The Foundation works hard to develop,” Gibson said. “This banquet serves as an evening to celebrate their accomplishments and the work that Metro Tech is doing to help them achieve their goals.”

One of the largest and most diverse technology centers in Oklahoma, Metro Tech has four campuses offering short-term, career and customized business training options. Campuses are located in South Oklahoma. City, Northeast Oklahoma City, Downtown Oklahoma City and the Will Rogers Airport.