Phase IV-Firearms

Phase IV-Firearms

Phase IV-Firearms
  • MMPI-2 test and Phase I & II.
  • Proof of the MMPI and Phase I and II must be turned in on the first day of class.
Tuition and Fees
Tuition (One-time Payment)
$ 150.00
$ 10.00
$ 0.00
Entrance Requirements
Who Can Enroll
, Adult
  • 21 years old. Minimum 9mm caliber semi-auto pistol, duty style holster, belt and two magazines. For safety reasons students are required to purchase 400 rounds of ammunition at commensurate firing range. Reloaded ammo is not allowed to be used in this course.

To be licensed to become a security guard in Oklahoma, you must meet specific criteria. The armed guard license is administered by Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) and must be renewed every two years.

Through the Metro Technology Centers training program you could qualify for the CLEET Phase IV Armed Security Guard License. It will take 32 Hours: You will learn Oklahoma's laws regarding firearms, possession, transport, use of deadly force, handcuffing, and arrest techniques.


Looking for a Job in Security?
You are guaranteed an interview with Elite Protection Security when you complete Phases I, II and IV Security Officer courses with
Metro Technology Centers.
Call (405) 629-0004
Phase III is not required to be hired.

  • CLEET Approved