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Employee Recognition

December 10, 2022
Metro Tech's Holiday Celebration & Employee Recognition

We had the best night celebrating each other and our hard work throughout the year.

We gave kudos and recognition to nominated employees who have worked especially hard everyday to support our mission, and we also honored our recent and prospective retirees.


The Superhero Award

This award recognizes an individual who was able to swoop in and save the day on a project or help a teammate.

Our Superheroes! (Left to Right)

Administrative Specialist, Nelda LaFollette, South Bryant Technical Assistant, Crystal Rogers, Marketing Coordinator, Tirisa Edwards, Customer Service Representative, Jenni Sanchez, and Education Technology Coach, Anita Parks!

Title IX Coordinator, Gerald Scott

Blue Star Award

This award is presented to the Metro Tech Employee who demonstrates and supports the positive work culture at Metro Tech. This individual represents the best of us (our spoken and unspoken core values) and may be considered an ambassador of happiness and positivity.

Title IX Coordinator, Gerald Scott

Quality Career Training Award

This quarterly award is given to a quality career training project or program nominated by a peer, self-nomination or a supervisor. These projects can be short term, full time, EWD, or in our Wellness or Support Services areas. Winners can range from a teacher doing something innovative, a cross functional project that supports quality career training or an industry partnership that is driving change.

Adult Safety Trainer, Cody McPherson

Retiree Recognition

This award recognizes our retirees. Congratulations to all of you on your retirement. We wish you the best in your next chapter of life.

Honoring our retirees! (Left to Right)

For 31 years of service, Marketing Director, Jane Edwards, and for 13 years of service, Environmental Safety Coordinator, Laura Belden.

Not pictured: For 22 years of service, Aviation Careers Technical Assistant, Jack Sanders and for 6 years of service, Bus Driver, Gerald Hearod.

Golden BLUEper Award

This award is presented to the employee who has recovered from a mistake they made intentionally or unintentionally. The nomination includes both true or exaggerated information, and this traveling award is humorous in nature and provides laughter and camaraderie among our people. We encourage our co-workers to self-nominate their biggest work-related blunder: what they learned from it and how they got things back on track.

Kio Richardson

"Let's Make a Deal" Winners