10 things to AVOID during a job interview
Posted on 04/19/2016
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Metro Tech's 28th Job Fair is Wednesday, April 20, when 70+ employees will be present and ready to interview potential employees. What are some things potential employees should AVOID when interviewing for a job?

We spoke to Aaron Walker - Metro Tech transition coordinator and Job Fair organizer - who spends a significant amount of time communicating with employers. Today, she shares the top ten complaints she hears from employers about the interview process.

10. Poor personal hygiene.

Aaron says: "Always make sure when you go to a job interview that you are clean and smelling fresh!"

9. Wearing inappropriate clothing.

Aaron says: "Going to a job interview dressed for a night out on the town suggests a lack of professionalism. Shirts that are too low cut or pants that aren't pulled up. Make sure clothing is clean, ironed and sends the message that you mean business."

8. Bringing family and friends along.

Aaron says: "Employers tell me that potential employers will arrive for an interview and bring their mom, dad or sibling into the interview with them. If you must bring someone with you, leave them in the car. Make sure you go into the interview solo."

7. Allowing visible tattoos to show.

Aaron says: "Everyone has the right to express creativity, but many employers frown on visible tattoos. Err on the side of caution and cover them for job interviews."

6. Using too much slang.

Aaron says: "Speak clearly and confidently. Avoid using slang or jargon the interviewer might not understand."

5. Checking your cell phone during an interview.

Aaron says: "Leave the cell phone in your car. Period."

4. A limp handshake.

Aaron says: "This is your first (and possibly only chance) to make a good first impression on the potential employer. A firm handshake sends the message that you are capable."

3. Avoiding eye contact.

Aaron says: "Confidence in what you're saying goes a long way with a potential employer. Making eye contact conveys confidence in the message you're sending!"

2. Speaking negative about former employers.

Aaron says: "Don't air your dirty laundry in an interview, whether it's about your former boss or your mother. Keep the conversation light and positive."

1. Putting things on social media you can't explain.

Aaron says: "This is a big one. Employers will almost always look at social media to gauge the type of employee you will be. In many cases, social media keeps someone from getting a job no matter how well they interviewed. Do an inventory of your social media and if you wouldn't want an employer to see it, delete."

  Aaron Walker

Aaron Walker is a Metro Tech Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) graduate. She later graduated from OSU-OKC as a registered nurse (RN) and worked in emergency room, pediatric intensive care and neonatal intensive care (NICU) for several years. She has been the transition coordinator at Metro Tech for four years. She is a busy mom to three daughters and has visited 38 states in the United States.

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