Oklahoma ArtScience Prize students file provisional patent on innovative idea
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The Oklahoma ArtScience Prize International Afterschool program served students two days a week at the Metro Technology Centers-Metro Career Academy from December 2014 to July 2015. Students were from multiple occupational programs from across the District and community. Tuesday's and Thursday's students worked with amazing mentors around this year's theme of biodiversity to create a project that had never been created before that solve a world need. The basis of this program is to teach students the idea translation process: conception, translation to realization.

Students in the program learned brainstorming, team building, leadership and research skills. They learned to build relationships and network as most students had not previously known each other before the program. The students were divided into three different teams that developed project ideas around: a chair that assists people getting up and down easier, a campaign that focus' on diversity and breaking down racial barriers and an air purifying/gardening center for seniors or disabled.


At the end of the year students went before a panel of judges to present their ideas at UCO who deliberated and scored each team. The team that won the "ArtScience Prize" travelled to Le Laboratoire in Cambridge Massachusetts while the other two teams attended an on campus Innovation Institute at UCO. Both teams worked with mentors to further develop their ideas to move them closer to realization.

Team Bio-Blue: Kenny Bradley-MCA Culinary Arts, Daisy Mezano-Fuentes-SBC CADD, Amy Armenta-SBC Cosmetology, Alex Brown-ITC STEM Academy and Arynn Howell-Community Partner and Homeschool; travelled to Cambridge worked with students from around the world, Harvard and MIT Professors and students. They developed their third prototype and presented their idea to a world audience. They have filed a provisional patent on their chair with this assistance of attorneys at Dunlap-Codding.

The ASP program had a 100% retention rate with 13 of 14 students moving into a second year. In the past students spent only one year in the program and have traditionally left the program. This will be the first year in the five year history of the program that will have 1st and 2nd year program students. All three teams of 2nd year students are currently working on their projects to bring them to realization.

This program is sponsored by Creative Oklahoma, Metro Technology Centers, Boston ArtScience Prize, Inclusion in Art and OKexpandED (formerly OKAN).

Student applications for the 2015-16 Oklahoma ArtScience Prize will be available online by October 1st. The theme for this year will be "man made machines." For more information contact Liz Guerrero-Lee at [email protected].