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Welcome to Metro Technology Centers' (MTC) Direct Loan entrance counseling. You must fully complete entrance counseling before we can certify your student loan(s). Federal regulations require all Direct Loan Borrowers to complete entrance counseling. During this process you will read the Direct Loan information and answer the questions. You will read the Borrower’s Rights and Responsibilities to gain a thorough understanding of your student loans and rights and responsibilities.

At the end of the entrance counseling session, you will receive a “Counseling Completion Verification” page. Print a copy of this “Counseling Completion Verification” page. Once you complete entrance counseling session, Select “Complete MPN” to complete and sign the Master Promissory Note (MPN). At the end of this process please select “Print MPN” and print a copy of "the PDF version" of your Master Promissory Note. (Please Note: If you have already completed Direct Loan entrance counseling, you can skip this process and complete the Master Promissory Note only.)

Attach the printed copies of the “Counseling Completion Verification” page and the MPN to your signed award letter and return all documents to the Financial Aid Office at 1900 Springlake Drive, Oklahoma City, OK, 73111-5238.
Once it has been confirmed that you have started class, your loan(s) will be certified. If you are a new student at Metro Technology Centers, the estimated disbursement date for your first student loan payment will be on/or near your 31st day in class. You will receive written information regarding this and your second disbursement date. Continuing students of Metro Technology Centers will also receive written information regarding the first and second disbursement dates.

Please note: A regular full time student must attend a minimum of 24 clock hours per week. A regular half time student or part time student must attend a minimum of 12 clock hours per week. In addition to receive financial aid assistance, regular students must be enrolled in an approved program/career major. In the event you have to withdraw from class, please contact your site counselor to complete this process.
If you have questions regarding the loan application and/or disbursement process and/or the borrower’s rights and responsibilities and loan terms and conditions, please contact Craig Marable at  (405) 595-4436 or Kelly Harjo-Cox at (405) 595-4446.
We thank you for choosing Metro Technology Centers as a part of your journey to successful employment and life.
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