Metro Tech invests in technology for new school year

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Metro Tech invests in technology for new school year
Board approves technology investment to ensure student success

OKLAHOMA CITY – Metro Tech is prepared for new ways of teaching August 10th with a recent investment in technology. On June 30th, the Metro Tech Board of Education approved over $1 million for the purchase of computers, hotspots, and internet service for student use.

“It is so critical that we serve each of our students during this crisis,” explained Superintendent/CEO, Aaron Collins. “Our goal for our students is 100% placement into their careers. Our administration, faculty and staff are using every means possible to creatively and safely address student needs.”

“Of the nearly $1,175,000 approved for the technology investment, nearly 10% is through Federal CARES Act-Education Stabilization (HEERF) funding. The remaining portion is from local budgetary sources,” said Matt Gindhart, Chief Financial Officer at Metro Tech. “In many cases, the resources provided to Metro Tech students allow each partner school the possibility to reallocate their technology resources to reach more students.” He said, “In the end, the true investment is not only in Metro Tech students, but in the success of our partners and community as a whole.”

While computers ensure students have equal opportunity for success, online teaching platforms expand as well. Sara Collins, Chief Officer of Instructional Sites at Metro Tech said, “Teachers will use a variety of platforms to deliver their curriculum based on their preference that include Moodle, Google Classroom, and Edgenuity. Computers will be checked out to students, so everyone will be able to work remotely or a blended capacity as needed,” she said.

Many 12-month programs require a blended approach. Metro Tech’s health careers teacher, Josie Scott operates the simulation lab where healthcare students learn to assess patients based on their symptoms. She said normally, students would put their training into practice at a clinical site or hospital. Instead, students are able to work from home with online training, linking videos, and applying their skill virtually. “In the simulation lab, students are able to mimic what goes on in the hospital. It helps the student be ready for the real world” Scott said. The campus requires all classrooms to exercise safety precautions and safe distancing.

While classes for adult and high school students are scheduled to begin August 10th, the rapidly changing nature of the pandemic will cause school administrators to review and update policies and procedures as needed for the safety of students, staff, clients and customers.

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