Weekly Wrap-up 02/05/2021

weekly wrap up

This week we celebrate NATIONAL SCHOOL COUNSELING WEEK and send a huge shout-out to our beloved counselors:  Ryan Patten, Kelly Powers, Leslie Cooksey, Robert Rusher and Kim Hansen.  Thank you all very much for all you do for our students!

At our Downtown campus this month the Metro B-Brief book is Radical Candor by Kim Scott.  Be sure to sign up for this amazing event February 26th.  It is free and you don’t even need to read the book.  There is also information about our online Excel classes and more!

Sharing space with the Metro STEM Academy is the Perry Klaassen Clinic and we are excited to be providing the clinic with extra space in our new STEM LAB to assist them with COVID vaccinations for our community. 

We visit with Jeremiah Graham the Assistant Director at our STEM Academy to find out more about the amazing career possibilities available in the highly skilled area of Science Technology Engineering Mathematics.   

Then, we dive a little deeper into the STEM career field by talking with Janet Portwood who is a Teacher in Pre-Engineering/Project Lead the Way.  You won’t want to miss seeing what her class did to help COVID relief efforts in OKC using their 3D printers or what they have done in the past with Habitat for Humanity. https://www.metrotech.edu/programs/pre-engineering

It has been a great week here at Metro Tech!