Weekly Wrap-up 1/29/2021

weekly wrap up

Thanks to each of you for your regular engagement! This week we visit the amazing teams that transports our students, maintain our fleet of busses and vehicles; they have taken on challenges with heart and positive energy.

Also, many of our faculty are involved in SKILLS USA.  This week we are testing; take a peek at what Bonnie and Terry are doing to prepare our students to “take state!”

We want you to meet our Career Tech leader of the week, Ms. Erma Gaston!  She is super-involved in our community.

Bet you did not know that our BIS team has some pretty well-known clients…namely The OKC Thunder, Dolese, CMS Willowbrook and Eskimo Joes!  Learn how their leaders are learning from our BIS team.

Thanks for your continued support, and be sure to share your news, we want to tell all the good news across the district.