Weekly Wrap-up 2/26/2021

weekly wrap up

What a great week it has been!  Isn’t it great to be back on campus!

Lots of great news (including tonight on Channel 4!) across this district coming in from our Adult and Continuing Education team…Jason Lankford-Burns, Jay Decoteau were quite the celebrities this week, featured on Channel 9 and Channel 4!  Thanks also to the many members of the HCC team that were part of these news stories.

We had a beautiful celebration of Black History Month thanks to the hard work of Sequita Johnson, Ivy Rogers and Annette Bradley and their committee.

Join us to learn from Anita Parks as she shares her work in Professional Development and learn about a new partnership with COWIB.

Thanks as always to Allan and Kio for their hard work to get the good news to each of you.  Have a great weekend!  #MT4LIFE