Public Safety
  • Experience real-life crime scenarios with simulated firearms
  • Apply forensic investigative techniques to process crime scenes, dust for fingerprints and bag evidence
  • Develop your mind and body using advanced self-defense tactics and rigorous fitness training

Career Focus:
Prepared for immediate employment, advance law enforcement training, military service and further education

Full-time Career Majors

Career Major Title Who can enroll Tuition (in-state) Days Clock Hours Site
Basic Police Officer Adult, 21+ $2,031.25 T-F 625 SBC
Law Enforcement Officer Prep High School $0.00 M-F 1023 SBC
Law Enforcement Prep II Adult $1,945.00 M-Th 778 SBC


Teacher - Amanda EastridgeAmanda Eastridge


  • BA History, Religion, Foreign Language.
  • Studied abroad in France and England
  • Currently working towards Master's in Education
  • Will receive standard teaching certificate this year


  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Peace Officer certification
  • Radar Operator
  • Advanced CLEET Instructor
  • Certified Law Enforcement Driving Training instructor
  • Armed Security and Private Investigator License

Work Experience:

  • 19 years in law enforcement
  • Spent 18 months in Iraq as a Department of Defense Investigator
  • Began teaching at Metro Technology Centers in 2013