Aircraft Maintenance Career Training

Aircraft Maintenance

  • Work alongside Aircraft Mechanics on jet engines, helicopters and airplanes
  • Be a key part of a team that keeps passengers safe at 500 miles per hour and 35,000 feet in the air
  • Taxi aircraft, conduct inspections and perform engine start-ups as an important part of ground operations

Career Focus:
Prepared for FAA licensure, immediate employment and further education

Aviation Maintenance Course Schedule
Aviation Maintenance Course ScheduleFall/Winter 2018-2019

Full-time Career Majors

Career Major Titlesort descending Who can enroll Tuition (in-state) Days Clock Hours Site
Aerospace Maintenance Foundations High School $0 M-F 1344 ACC
Airframe Mechanic Adult $4,144 M-Th 1275 ACC
Aviation Maintenance Technician Adult $6,679 M-Th 2055 ACC
Powerplant Mechanic Adult $4,144 M-Th 1275 ACC